How to attach a dishwasher hose to the drain under your sink. DIY

What Is an Anaerobic Septic System?

An anaerobic septic system is generally what most people who have septic system already have installed. It’s been the most popular type partly because there has been so little to compete with it.

Reasons To Install An Electric Shower

There are several reasons why you should install an electric shower in your home. If you have a consistent problem of having enough water for a shower, an electric shower can be a suitable option, because it does not use the same hot water supply as other outlets in your home.

Buying a Mixer Shower

A mixer shower uses a particular valve for mixing both warm and cold water, and send out the adjusted water in a single stream. By adjusting the proportions or ratios of hot to cold water, the desired temperature can be obtained. This process is more efficient than heating water up to desired temperatures, or using two individual valves to adjust both the hot and the cold water. They are also more efficient than electric showers that warm cold water from mains water supply.

Understanding The Mixer Shower And How It Works

A Mixer shower, as the name suggests, will combine water from both a hot and a cold water supply, and mix them together, to produce water in a shower at a desired temperature. The temperature is regulated by using temperature controls. The water is normally provided at higher pressures than electric showers. Your shower can be designed to work with either high, low or a combination of both high and low water pressures.

What You May Not Know About Your Pipes

If you bought a home in the last 10 years or are considering buying a home in the Temecula area, be sure to do some research on what you’re getting first. This can save you a lot of time down the road as far as plumbing and potential water damage problems.

DIY Plumbing: How to Prevent Flooding and Save Water

Preventative plumbing maintenance is relatively easy and can save a great deal of future stress. The following guide will cover some of the most steps to help you avoid flooding, leaks, blockages and unnecessary loss of water.

Get A Discount On Plumbing Repairs From Local Contractors

Getting home from a long day at work and finding out that your home’s plumbing system is not functioning properly can bring about stress and headaches. Not only can it be very inconvenient for you and your family, but it can also be a very costly repair too. This is why a lot of homeowners will do everything they can to repair the damage themselves.

How Plumbing Service Can Save You Money

Many homeowners dread calling a plumber for professional plumbing service, and one of the main reasons for this is because of the perception that plumbers charge a high rate for their services. In fact, many homeowners will try to fix a leaky pipe, unclog a toilet or perform other services on their own to avoid having to call a professional for plumbing service. Some my try to ignore the issue for as long as possible rather than attempt to make a repair on their own.

What You Need To Know When Considering An Electric Shower

An electric shower will heat water from the main water supply. They are normally cheaper to operate, clean and maintain than other types of showers. Because of the way that they are designed, the temperatures and water pressures can be operated with push-button controls and easily adjustable dials. These showers are available in different sizes, and models vary by the power usage capacity.

Using A Mixer Shower in Your Home

Taking a shower, should not only be an event, but an experience. Showers do not only clean, but they leave you invigorated and energized, and you should try to make it as enjoyable as possible. You can now take advantages of some of the latest advances being incorporated in the design and manufacture of showers.

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Plumbing Repair Tips

Tips On How To Make More Money From Your Blog

You can get a headache from plumbing issues if you do not know how to fix them the right way. Hiring a professional plumber not only cause you to wait, but they are also very expensive. Read on to find out how to make plumbing problems easy! If you are paying someone else to do the plumbing in your home be sure that they are licensed in your state to do that work. Some people who have little or no knowledge of plumbing will try to pass themselves off as a pro. So you can see the importance of checking to see if your plumber is licensed. You should also see if you can find positive testimonials about the plumbers work. If your pipes are prone to freezing, let the water trickle continuously in at least one faucet during weather that is below freezing. This will minimize the chances that the pipes will freeze and leave you without water. If water is continually running through the pipes and trickling out of a faucet, the pipes are less likely to freeze. Unclog drains with ease. Try using a plunger and drain cleaner, as your clog may simply be a build-up of hair and debris. If this doesn’t work you may have to clear the drain with a snake. Feed the snake into the drain line as far as it will go. Turn the crank gently, which will help to loosen the clog. Remove the snake, and run water down the drain to see if the clog has been removed. You may have to use the snake a couple of times, before the clog is cleared so don’t give up! Set the temperature on your hot water heater to a temperature that does not exceed 120 degrees. This helps to save energy and prevents the water from becoming too hot and potentially scalding someone in your household. Older models that do not have a temperature setting should be set on Medium. Make sure you clean out overflow holes in your kitchen and bathroom sinks on a regular basis. These holes are intended to act as an emergency fail-safe to prevent spillage from a full sink, but if they are clogged they can’t do their job. You can clean out an overflow hole using the same techniques you would for a clogged drain. In conclusion, tackling any plumbing issue does not have to be difficult. If you have the right tools and the right information to assist you, you can do any plumbing task that may arise. Simply use the tips that were provided in the article above and your plumbing issues will be a thing of the past.

The holiday season is always full of fun and excitement

“Your plumbing system is getting more taxed than it normally is because you have more guest in the house, more volume,” said Josh Blassingame with Blassingame Plumbing.

Blassingame said this is the busiest time of year and around 90 percent of his calls are about clogs.

“Just because it can flush doesn’t mean it should flush. Please use the trash can. Anything from feminine hygiene products to wipes it doesn’t need to go down the drain. Just stick with toilet paper and what else needs to go down the toilet.”

Blassingame said he also gets several calls about clogs in the kitchen.

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“Everybody thinks I’m chasing it with hot water, I’m just gonna pour that grease down the drain,” said Blassingame. “Problem is that you have a trap underneath your sink. When that grease hits that water it’s gonna solidify.”

Blassingame says it’s important to throw bones and other food items in the trash instead of down your sink because your garbage disposal can clog up too.

“Disposal can handle most things but stuff like potato peelings and celery string, things like that you don’t want to put down the drain. Even rice,” said Blassingame.

Blassingame say when you dump food down your disposal, do it gradually and make sure you use plenty of water to wash it down.

Blassingame also said if your handy enough, underneath your disposal you can easily press the reset button and use an Alan wrench to un-jam and reset your disposal. Just make sure the power is off.

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